• shoulder blades pain

    Do you ache between the shoulder blades?

    Get your muscles and joints working properly by a trained professional
  • lower back pain

    Does your lower back annoy you after gardening?

    Get your muscles and joints working properly by a trained professional.
  • neck pain and headaches

    Are you consistently self medicating for neck pain and headaches?

    Get your muscles and joints working properly by a trained professional
  • pins and needles numbness

Suffer from headaches, neck/back pain, sciatica, poor posture?

headaches migraines

Headaches / Migraines

Many types of headaches can be attributed to poor postures and neck/upper back issues. Commonly these headaches are felt in the upper neck, back of the head, temples and behind the eyeballs. Many headaches sufferers get great relief from chiropractic care.
neck pain back pain

Neck / Back Pain

Neck and back pain is our bread and butter! Chiropractors spend 5 years at Uni learning about all causes and dysfunctions of the back and neck and how to alleviate the symptoms. Chiropractors are experts at treating the causes of neck and back pain.
Disc Injuries Sciatica

Disc Injuries / Sciatica

Disc injuries can present as back pain that is persistent and then starts to spread down the leg and foot. Sciatica can present as a low back pain usually on one side that can also be felt in the buttock and down the back of the leg.
Dizziness Vertigo

Dizziness / Vertigo

Did you know that the upper neck, lower back (sacrum) and feet control a lot of your balance and co-ordination? When these areas are resticted or not moving well, dizziness can result. Get this checked out if your dizziness is persistant.
Pins & Needles Numbness

Pins & Needles / Numbness

Pins and needles or numbness into your hands or feet is not normal and you shouldn’t have to put up with it. Alderley Chiropractors can help you aleviate these symptoms.
Poor Posture Scoliosis

Poor Posture / Scoliosis

Is there burning ache in between your shoulder blades? Do you sit for more than 2 hours a day? Get your posture and mid back checked by our professional Chiropractors.

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